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Roberta strongly believes a woman’s decision about her body is hers and hers alone. Every woman should be able to decide for herself if, when, and with whom to start or grow a family. She’ll stand up to Donald Trump or anyone else who would deny women the freedom to choose their own paths. She will make sure women and their doctors are the ones making health care decisions, not politicians. In states across the country, women’s freedoms are under attack. We can count on Roberta to make sure women’s rights are always protected here in Nevada.

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Roberta supports increased investments in family planning services. She will work to expand women’s access to critical preventative measures like breast and cervical cancer screenings. Roberta will also work to make birth control more accessible. She understands that one of the most frequent barriers to women getting birth control is the requirement they get a prescription from their gynecologist. Gynecologist appointments can sometimes take months to schedule, causing long wait times in order for women to get prescriptions. That’s why Roberta supports creating a standing prescription order for birth control in Nevada, which will allow pharmacists to dispense birth control without a doctor’s prescription while ensuring that the costs can still be covered by insurance.

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