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Coronavirus is devastating our economy. Roberta understands that the legislature is going to have to work hard to make sure we get Nevada back on track and ensure our economy recovers quickly.


That’s why she’ll fight to help get small businesses and those who have lost their jobs back on their feet. She believes we must look at every option, including loans to small businesses, assistance for those who lost their jobs, and deferrals on tax and utility payments.

Roberta wants to work to diversify our state’s economy. While tourism and gaming have always been the economic engines that fuel our state’s economy, Roberta wants to ensure that we are recruiting more types of businesses to Nevada, like technology and clean energy industries. Nevada has always had a reputation for being a great place to do business, and Roberta wants to protect that reputation to recruit more business to the state and create more jobs.

Roberta understands that small businesses diversify our workforce and are the lifeblood of our economy. She will work to make it easier for emerging small businesses to find their footing, cut red tape, and help business owners access additional resources.

In addition to protecting our business friendly climate, Roberta believes that it is equally important we protect Nevada’s workers and working families. That’s why she supports doing everything we can to strengthen and protect Nevada’s labor unions and union rights. As a former union leader herself, Roberta knows that workers are always in a stronger position and hold more power when they can come together as a group and fight for salaries and benefits collectively. She will always stand up for our unions. Roberta also supports the legislature’s efforts to increase the minimum wage, provide paid leave for any reason for all workers, and require equal pay for equal work. Roberta will always be in the corner of Nevada workers.

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