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“Roberta is the only candidate in this race who has taken on Trump and won! She fought for me and I know she will fight for your family too. She is the True Blue Democrat we  need. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Roberta Lange in this race. I humbly ask that you join me in supporting her.”  

- Harry Reid


“It has been an honor to serve my community in the State Senate these past 12 years. I am supporting Roberta Lange in her campaign to succeed me because she has long been an outspoken progressive champion on so many issues, from LGBTQ+ rights to women’s equality. There is no one who will fight for us more and I hope you will join me in supporting her to be our next Senator from District 7.” -  

 - Senator David Parks,

Current State Senator Representing District 7


“I am proud to endorse Roberta Lange. Roberta will bring her invaluable experience as a teacher in our classrooms and her skills managing a small business to the legislative process. Roberta has deep ties to Senate District 7, and I know that she will fight tirelessly to deliver for her community.”  

 - Senator Nicole Cannizzaro,

State Senate Majority Leader


“Roberta Lange has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for a Blue Nevada for decades. She has fought to elect the candidates she believed could make a difference. I am thrilled that she has stepped forward and put her name on the ballot and that I have the opportunity to support her the way she has supported so many of us over the years. I am proud to endorse her campaign.”  

 - Senator Joyce Woodhouse,

Nevada Senate Democrats 2020 Campaign Chair

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