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Fellow Democrats,


Roberta Lange has been my friend for 22 years. She is a passionate fighter for progressive values, and I am thrilled she decided to run for Nevada Senate. Let me tell you a little about Roberta. As Democratic Party Chair, she led the most successful period in Nevada Democrats’ history. Thanks to her leadership, Nevada went blue for both President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton. We elected Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. We gained two U.S. House seats and took control of the state legislature.

Roberta is a champion on women’s health issues, an advocate for our schools, and a proud  partner of our brothers and sisters in labor. She will fight to protect and expand Obamacare because she believes affordable health care should be a right accessible to everyone at an affordable cost.


I know Roberta. I know she will go to work everyday fighting for you and our values. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Roberta Lange in this race. I humbly ask that you join me in supporting her.  


Democratically Yours,

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