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October 1 devastated and forever changed our Las Vegas community. Roberta believes that we must do more to combat the rapid spread of gun violence in our country. She is not afraid to take on the NRA and fight for common sense regulations on gun purchases and automatic weapons.


Roberta supports universal background checks on all gun sales, permanently disarming domestic abusers, combating daily gun violence in our communities, protecting our kids from gun violence, and holding the gun industry accountable.

Gun violence is everywhere in America, and particularly in our big cities, like Las Vegas. Roberta supports funding new research into gun violence in order to support community-driven, evidence-based intervention in neighborhoods with high rates of gun crimes. Roberta also believes the rate of gun violence against women in our country, and right here in our own community, is unacceptable. More than half of the women murdered by guns in this country are killed by an intimate partner or a family member. Roberta will fight to protect all survivors of domestic violence, by preventing abusers from possessing firearms after a criminal conviction or while under a restraining order. She will make sure that abusers are required to actually turn in their guns after they are prohibited from possessing guns by a court.

Roberta thinks the gun industry should be held accountable for business practices that directly threaten public safety and put Nevadans lives at risk. Roberta will stand up to the NRA and the powerful gun lobby that has worked so hard to shield the industry from accountability and secure special treatment. Victims and their family deserve justice, and Roberta will work to make sure special protections never prohibit them from receiving that justice.

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